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LampLight Decorative Lighting

“LampLight Decorative Lighting makes and restores historical lighting that Gene Kelly would be proud to dance around”

Triple Lamp Post Unit

Welcome to LAMPLIGHT

Thank you for considering LampLight, LLC regarding your lighting requirements. Our products and services are extremely versatile, and we offer complete project services.From the Concept stage to delivery and installation, we can handle all your lighting needs. Located in Lorain Ohio, Please call us anytime to discuss your specific project and get a free quote.

Lantern Style Lamp Post Illuminated

Historical Lighting

Lamplight uses photometrics to optimize the effectiveness of its inner focusing lens. Light rays are bent to achieve the most efficient disbursement of light… ensuring our light gets where we want it.Over half of LampLight’s business is with municipalities, with large amount of installations in Ohio. Cleveland Inner Harbor and Terminal Tower are beneficiaries of LampLights efforts

Triple Lamp Post Unit

Design and Technical Assistance

We offer a wide range of technical assistance and provide complete photometric data from a one or two unit project to an entire streetscape. check out our efforts at the Cleveland Public Square.

We Provide assistance with component selection, fixture height, coatings, and lighting sources… achieving the desired light levels and overall ambiance you wish for your area.

Our Services

LampLight LLC Proudly Offers a Full Line of Quality, Historic Lighting Products in Addition to Our Custom Units


• Ease of installation
• Flanged Construction Provides Superior Durability
• Very High Wind Loading Characteristics
• Easily Replace Individual Parts
• Manageable Size Components
• Proudly Made in the U.S.A
• Made from Industry Grade Aluminum, Heavy Gauge Steel, and Gray Iron, Our Lamp Lights are Built to Last
• Full Size Units, Not Scaled Down Replicas
• Resistant to Vandalism
• Name Brand Coating Systems
• Beautiful Lamp Post Castings



LampLight Industries Gas Lamp Nostalgia: Illuminating Baltimore’s History

As revealed in The Baltimore Sun’s article “Historic Gas Lamps of Baltimore,” the year 1816 marked a milestone for Baltimore as the first city in the United States to embrace gas street lamps, revolutionizing the way its residents conducted activities after dusk. Fast forward to 2016, and Light City Baltimore commemorated this luminous legacy with […]

LampLight Decorative Lighting: Illuminating the Past with Restored Heritage Lampposts

At the forefront of cultural preservation, LampLight Decorative Lighting shines as a paragon of refinement and dedication. This venerable enterprise breathes new life into historical lampposts, ensuring the legacy of yesteryear’s craftsmanship endures. These venerable lampposts, once steadfast sentinels of urban growth, have frequently succumbed to neglect. LampLight Decorative Lighting embarks on a noble quest […]

LampLight Industries:Boston’s Green Transformation: Converting 2,800 Gas Lamps to LEDs

Boston’s monumental move to transition its 2,800 natural gas street lights in iconic neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and Bay Village into contemporary LED-powered street lamps. While these traditional gas lamps have been a historical gem in the city, their future may soon be electrified. The city’s endeavor to convert these natural gas street […]

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