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Over the years, LampLight has been in the forefront of photometric efficiency and product innovation combined with aesthetic and structural integrity

We have extensive experience in recreating exact duplicates, restoration and updating of old units, and creating custom designs. Give us a call today and let us know your needs.

Fluted Pole with Grafton Town Sign
Steepled Lantern Quad Lamp Unit
Lamp Light Custom Bollard
Lamp Light Washington Pedestal

Classic Meets State of the Art

Since 1981, LampLight LLC manufacturers Period Architectural Streetlamps and other related lighting products for a wide range of customers, including local & state governments, colleges, hospitals & various commercial interests.

In a largely ``outsourced to a foreign country`` world, we are pleased to say that all of our products are ``Made in the USA``.

From concept and planning through delivery and installation, we handle all your lighting needs. We provide assistance with component selection, fixture height, coatings and light sources to achieve your desired levels of ambiance and security.

For those of you who already have Period Architectural Lighting installed and desire to keep your streetscapes and parks looking beautiful, Lamplight LLC also provides rehab (refurbishing services for your existing streetlamps).

We offer custom work including replicating existing units when you are able to provide a sample. We also will design to your precise architectural or engineering specifications.

All new or refurbished streetlamps are powder coated to assure durability and provide UV/corrosion protection. This saves on future maintenance repair costs.



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