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Lamplight Decorative Lighting: Exploring LA’s Light Legacy the Museum of Street Lighting

As highlighted in the Daily News article “Museum of Street Lighting offers an illuminating look at LA history,” the Museum of Street Lighting in Los Angeles has reopened, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the city’s rich history through its oldest, quirkiest, and most ornate lights, lanterns, lamps,...

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Lamplight Decorative Lighting: Preserving Westminster’s Gas Lamp History

As reported by BNN Breaking in their article “Westminster’s Gas Lamps: A Battle for Preservation Amidst Modernisation,” the Gasketeers, led by residents Tim Bryars and Luke Honey, have secured the future of 174 out of 302 gas lamps under the council’s jurisdiction in Westminster. These efforts include safeguarding 138...

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LampLight Industries: A Glimpse into Brilliance Explores the Evolution of Light

In the article “Four Things to See: A History of Light,” sponsored by Bloomberg Connects, this exploration delves into the fascinating evolution of light throughout history. Taking center stage in this narrative is a beacon of innovation in the lighting industry that recognizes the profound impact of inventions like...

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LampLight Industries Brightens California: Heritage Street Light Poles Receive a Fresh Coat of Paint

To infuse a fresh perspective into the streets of California, the California Park Department and Tipton Correctional Center (TCC) inmates have collaborated on a significant project. This initiative, funded by the E.M. Burger Foundation, marks the first comprehensive refurbishment of the decorative heritage-style street lights around town since their...

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LampLight Industries: Lighting the Way through the Second Phase of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail Project

In a recent achievement, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail has become even more luminous, thanks to the dedication to lighting excellence and collaboration with the City of Negaunee. The completion of the second phase of the lighting enhancement project marks a significant milestone for the trail, spanning four miles...

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LampLight Industries: Nurturing Tradition with Innovation Envisions Upgrades for Cambridge Light Standards

In a recent news article titled “Cambridge council to consider upgrades to light poles in Dickson Hill area,” the piece highlights a beacon of innovation dedicated to preserving the charm of heritage neighborhoods. In the Dickson Hill heritage area and downtown Galt in Cambridge, 245 nine-foot-tall, green light standards...

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LampLight Industries: Illuminating the Past in the Evolution of Street Lighting

As explored by Architectural Review in the article “From pillar to lamp post: lighting city streets,” the history of street lighting is a fascinating journey intertwined with political turbulence and the rise of capitalism. Street lighting, dating back to the Romans and Islamic cities, has played a crucial role...

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LampLight Industries Preserves the Past: A Glimpse into New York’s Historic Street Lighting

In the insightful exploration of “Historic Street Lamp Posts” provided by the Historic Districts Council, the story of New York’s luminous past unfolds. Delving into the fascinating history of approximately 100 surviving cast-iron lampposts that grace the streets of the City of New York, this narrative sheds light on...

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LampLight Industries The Bright Legacy: Sheds Light on Mercury-Vapor Lamps

As detailed in the Wikipedia article “Mercury-vapor lamp,” the mercury-vapor lamp, a gas-discharge lamp utilizing an electric arc through vaporized mercury, stands as a beacon of efficient lighting. Developed with an arc tube nestled within a protective glass bulb, these lamps boast luminous efficacies ranging from 35 to 55...

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LampLight Industries Gas Lamp Nostalgia: Illuminating Baltimore’s History

As revealed in The Baltimore Sun’s article “Historic Gas Lamps of Baltimore,” the year 1816 marked a milestone for Baltimore as the first city in the United States to embrace gas street lamps, revolutionizing the way its residents conducted activities after dusk. Fast forward to 2016, and Light City...

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