It was not until recently that the people have started thinking about environmental conservation. Today, many people have developed awareness about the seriousness of this matter and are consciously trying to protect the environment by changing their choices and priorities.

While there can be many ways to help protect the environment, one very effective way is to choose environmental friendly lights for your home or workspace. And when it comes to environmental friendly lighting, what can be better than the LED lights!

In case you are wondering why, here is a list of reasons why LED lights are regarded as the most environmentally friendly lights among all the available options.

1.LED Lights Are Energy Efficient:

LED panel lighting are highly energy efficient and can save around 90% electricity as compared to incandescent lights and 50% as compared to CFLs. Low energy consumption reduces the load on electric power plants, which in turn reduces the amount of fuel being burnt to generate electricity.

2.      LED Lights Reduce Light Pollution:

LED lights have inherent directional nature which means that their light is highly focused. Due to this characteristic, LED lights contribute significantly towards reducing what is called as’ light pollution’, by reducing the unwanted scattered light in the environment.

3. LED Lights Emit Negligible Heat:

One of the most environmental friendly aspect of LED lighting is that these lights have very high electricity to light conversion efficiency, as high as 90% in most cases. This high conversion efficiency implies that there is minimal heat loss in the environment.

4. LED Lights Have Long Life:

LED lights have a rated life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours which is many folds greater than the conventional counterparts. This  longer life span reduces the need of bulb replacement after every few months, thereby reducing the need to dispose-off the old ones into the landfills.

5. LED Lights Are Safer:

LED lights are a product of advanced solid state technology which has imparted amazing durability to these light bulbs. These are completely sealed and are highly resistant to vibrations, impact and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, there are no glass parts and hence no risk of serious injury in case a bulb breaks.

6. LED Lights Do Not Add Noise To The Environment:

Unlike other lighting technologies, LED lights are designed in such a way that they do not generate any vibration or humming noise. So by replacing a conventional light bulbs with an LED light bulb, one can help reduce noise pollution from the environment.

7.LED Lights Do Not Draw Insects And Bugs Towards Them:

Especially in outdoor lighting, insects and bugs can pose a serious problem as they get attracted towards the conventional incandescent light bulbs. The main reasons behind this are the hot bulb surface and specific wavelength of the generated light, both of which are absent in LED light bulbs. So you can get rid of the annoying bugs and insects which aesthetically pollute the outdoor environment, by switching to LED lights.

8.LED Lights Are Good For Plant Growth:

Research suggests that the presence of conventional bulbs in the vicinity of plants can have a bad impact on their growth because these bulbs increase the temperature of the area. Garden LED lighting, on the other hand are actually good for them as they provide cool light in the vicinity

9. LED Lights Do Not Accumulate Harmful Chemicals In The Environment:

Unlike the compact fluorescent lights which have 4 to 5 milligrams of mercury present in each of them, LED lights are free of any chemical which can be hazardous for environment or public health.

10. LED Lights Have Smaller Carbon Footprint:

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with the LED lights are relatively far less than the conventional incandescent or Compact fluorescent lights. According to careful calculations, one LED bulbs, providing the same luminosity as one incandescent bulb emits 80% less greenhouse gases. The same calculation for CFLs suggest a reduction of 50% GHGs by switching to LED lights.

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