You’ve been hearing for several years that light emitting diode (LED) lighting technology, with its higher efficacy and longer lifetime, can improve your operation’s bottom line. But, like most technologies, there are myths and misconceptions. Here are some of the advantages of LED lighting technology.

LED technology does have the potential for very high efficacy (more lumens of light per watt of power) when compared to other lighting sources, which can translate to great energy savings. LED products can last a long time, which can mean much reduced maintenance costs. And LEDs are considered easily controllable, adding even more potential savings. This all sounds great, but new technologies typically demand diligence and intelligence to develop effective applications and reap the reward of lower costs. Lighting is commonly thought to be a simple technology to understand and therefore apply, but with LEDs the better that you understand how it functions, the better you’ll be able apply it effectively.

To evaluate whether LEDs are a good fit for a particular application you have to consider a lot of factors, starting with the benefits that make LED lighting worth considering.

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