Lampposts that are installed outdoors and exposed to the elements can start to develop rust over time. When a lamppost has rusted you will need to repair it by removing the rust and then recondition the post. Repairing a lamppost should be done when it is showing the first signs of rust. You can repair a lamppost by first examining the post to see if there is any visible rust or bubbling paint on the post.

Lampposts that are rusted can easily be repaired.
Scrape away any loose rust that is on the lamppost with the wire brush. Scraping will also remove any paint chips, dirt and grime from the lamppost.

Wipe down the lamppost with a damp cloth or rag to see how much rust remains on the post.

Attach the #500 aluminum oxide wheel to the disc grinder. Grind away any difficult areas of rust on the lamppost.

Wipe down the lamppost again with the damp cloth or rag. Dampen the cloth or rag with mineral spirits to clean any remaining dust and dirt from the lamppost.

Allow the mineral spirits to dry and then apply a coat of metal primer to the lamp post. You can use primer that is in a spray can or apply the primer with a paintbrush.

Apply a new coat of paint to the lamppost. Use the paintbrush or a spray paint can to apply the paint to the lamppost.

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