Ever imagined the importance of lighting polls on the edge of the roads? Whether it is about brightening our surroundings or for security reasons, it is always important to have good quality street lights. No need to mention that it will become utmost impossible to find ways in the dark without proper street lights. We all know how dangerous it can be to drive at nights if there are no proper street lights.

Reduced lighting can cause night-time collisions. There are a huge number of fatalities that have occurred at nigh­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­t because of low visibility and poor street lights. According ­to annual global road crash statistics, somewhere around 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year, which means approximately 3,287 deaths per day. These stats are self alarming in nature and it becomes extremely crucial to have long lasting and good quality street lights.

Undoubtedly, excellent street lighting would not only reduce the number of accidents on the roads, but they would also help the people with weak eyesight. These are the people who find it difficult to go outside their houses at nights. Solar urban LED street lighting is one such solution. Solar LED lights come with rechargeable batteries and are powered by the photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic panels help in charging the batteries in the day time, and then they power the LED lamps to provide optimum light in the nights. Too much lighting can also cause problems. The lights can be customized to decrease the risk of accidents. But before doing that, it is always important to analyze the location and regular traffic.

The solar LEDs are cost effective, and they are designed to turn on and off automatically according to the lighting conditions. The inbuilt sensors in the lights help in analyzing the lighting condition through a light source. These solar lights are capable of working throughout a night and can extend to a couple of nights, if required. They are also capable of coping up with strong winds. The chances of overheating in Solar LEDs are also very low. As the source of light is Sun and not electricity. There is no operational cost involved in Solar LEDs.

Solar LED street lights help you in doing your tasks smoothly, even at nights. The lights are easy to maintain and very effective. Street lighting must not be ignored because it can lead to fatalities and loss of property as well. Having quality street lights does not only serve the purpose of safety in the urban areas, but they also have a huge impact on our standard of living.

Original Source: https://medium.com/@isolardesign/importance-of-street-lighting-in-road-safety-effae66cc27f

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