As highlighted in the Daily News article “Museum of Street Lighting offers an illuminating look at LA history,” the Museum of Street Lighting in Los Angeles has reopened, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the city’s rich history through its oldest, quirkiest, and most ornate lights, lanterns, lamps, and globes.

Featuring several dozen artifacts dating back to the late 1800s, the museum offers tours on the third Friday of every month, allowing guests to explore the evolution of street lighting in LA within a short visit time of less than half an hour. Notable exhibits include the “Union Metal Type 1906,” towering street lights, and a variety of lighting technologies from fluorescent to LED.

During the tour, visitors are guided through the museum’s collection while an audio tour provides insights into the history and design of each artifact. Despite their imposing size and weight, some street lights reaching up to six feet high and weighing several hundred pounds, these fixtures have adorned LA’s streets and bridges for decades, contributing to the city’s unique character.

Plaques accompanying each exhibit indicate the year and location where the street lights were once installed, offering glimpses into LA’s past illuminated streetscapes.

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