As reported by BNN Breaking in their article “Westminster’s Gas Lamps: A Battle for Preservation Amidst Modernisation,” the Gasketeers, led by residents Tim Bryars and Luke Honey, have secured the future of 174 out of 302 gas lamps under the council’s jurisdiction in Westminster. These efforts include safeguarding 138 Grade II listed lamps and an additional 36 non-listed lamps. Despite this victory, challenges persist, with 94 non-listed lamps still facing replacement, prompting the Gasketeers to advocate for the preservation of every lamp, emphasizing their historical significance and unique character.

Tim Bryars, co-founder of the Gasketeers and proprietor of a vintage bookshop in Cecil Court, holds a personal connection to these gas lamps, particularly one outside his shop. The group, supported by Historic England, aims to legally protect the lamps by listing them, highlighting their historical importance and the ambiance they contribute to Westminster’s streets.

In response to environmental concerns, the Gasketeers refute arguments for lamp removal by comparing gas consumption to other sources of carbon emissions, emphasizing their dedication to documenting surviving unlisted gas lamps and preserving the city’s heritage.

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