In the realm of modern urban planning, “Intelligent street lighting” shines as a beacon of innovation, and the forefront of this illuminating revolution. This concept, also known as adaptive street lighting, represents a leap forward in public street lighting for smart cities.

Unlike traditional static illumination or timed dimming, intelligent street lighting is dynamic, responding to the movements of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. When activity is detected, it brightens to enhance safety and visibility, and when the streets are quiet, it dims to conserve energy.

The magic behind this technology lies in the integration of cameras and sensors into street lights, such as Sensity’s Light Sensory Network, GE’s “Currents,” and Tvilight’s CitySense. These sensors detect motion and communicate with neighboring street lights, creating a seamless circle of light around individuals. The SmartLighting technology developed by Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, as seen in Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany, also exemplifies this intelligent approach, with lights illuminating further ahead of pedestrians than behind them.

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