In an article titled “Bringing Lamppost History Back,” the significance of ornamental street lighting, particularly lampposts, in enhancing public safety and beautifying communities is highlighted. Dating back to a 1925 print advertisement advocating for ornamental street lighting as a means to safeguard pedestrians and motorists, the movement around lampposts has persisted through the years.

The Bluff Park Historic Lamppost Project, initiated in 2014, aimed to celebrate the centennial of the Bluff Park Historic District by preserving its iconic lampposts. This grassroots effort, led by residents and supported by the Bluff Park Neighborhood Association, symbolized a collective desire to maintain the neighborhood’s historic integrity.

Playing a pivotal role in reviving lamppost history, with a vision to bring antique-looking lampposts throughout the district, the company is committed to preserving heritage. This aligns with the widespread civic movement of the early 20th century, where ornamental lampposts were sought after for their aesthetic appeal and contribution to public safety amidst increasing vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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