As reported by KOAA News 5 in their article “Historic Neighborhood in Colorado Springs Sees the Preservation of Beloved Landmarks,” the restoration project in the Old North End Neighborhood (ONEN) of Colorado Springs has been a significant achievement. Celebrated at the intersection of Wood Avenue and Columbia, the project marks the successful restoration of several historic street lights, symbolizing a crucial part of the neighborhood’s history.

Originally funded by past homeowners on Wood Avenue, these lamps have stood as cherished landmarks since their installation. In 1930, residents on specific blocks of Wood Avenue sought to create a special district named the “Wood Avenue Light District” to safeguard these iconic street lights. When faced with the prospect of removal in October 2021, current ONEN residents rallied to preserve the neighborhood’s character by retaining the historic lamp posts.

In a collaborative effort involving neighborhood leaders, Colorado Springs Utilities, and the City, a solution was reached to maintain the lampposts while upgrading them with energy-efficient light bulbs. ONEN members financed the necessary changes to accommodate the new light bulbs and committed to their long-term maintenance. Springs Utilities facilitated the alterations and reinstallation of the lights, ensuring they remained in their original locations.

Moving forward, the streetlight program will receive annual funding from the city of Colorado Springs, administered by Springs Utilities, ensuring the continued preservation of these beloved landmarks.

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