In an effort to replace Galt’s iconic globe lights with a more sustainable upgrade, revitalizing heritage lighting on Salisbury Avenue, marking the first stage of this ambitious project.

The city’s heritage committee cautiously approved a trial run with new globe-style heritage lighting on a section of Salisbury Avenue, signaling a potential shift towards modernization while preserving Galt’s historical charm. Concerns over safety standards prompted the exploration of alternatives to the original 1914 mould for the globe lights, leading to the sourcing of similar-looking light standards with concrete bases.

As part of the Salisbury Avenue Reconstruction Project, the city plans to introduce seven to eight decorative globe lights along Victoria Park. The proposed lighting upgrade, considered an alteration to the existing Heritage Conservation District (HCD), required approval from the heritage committee.

Committee member Pam Wolf emphasized the importance of gauging public reaction to the new light standards in Victoria Park before committing to replacing all heritage light standards in the HCD, highlighting the community’s vested interest in preserving Galt’s heritage.

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