In the heart of Colorado Springs, the Old North End Neighborhood (ONEN) recently witnessed a heartwarming celebration of heritage and community. As described in the article “Historic neighborhood in Colorado Springs sees the preservation of beloved landmarks” on KOAA News, a remarkable project was concluded at the intersection of Wood Avenue and Columbia. This collaborative effort involved the Old North End Neighborhood, Colorado Springs Utilities, and the City of Colorado Springs, all coming together to restore several historic streetlights in the Old North End Neighborhood.

These cherished lamps, originally funded by past homeowners on Wood Avenue, hold a significant place in the neighborhood’s history. In 1930, residents residing in the 1100, 1200, and 1300 blocks of Wood Avenue endeavored to establish a special district known as the “Wood Avenue Light District” following the initial installation of these iconic lamps.

However, in October 2021, when Colorado Springs Utilities contemplated removing these lights, the current ONEN residents stepped forward to ensure the preservation of the neighborhood’s character. To find a solution that would satisfy all parties, neighborhood leaders, Colorado Springs Utilities, and the City joined forces. Their decision: retain the historic lamp posts and equip them with energy-efficient light bulbs.

Members of ONEN generously funded the transition to the new light bulbs and committed to their long-term maintenance. Springs Utilities, in turn, facilitated the necessary alterations and reinstallation of the lights in their original locations. Now, the city of Colorado Springs will annually fund the streetlight program, administered by Springs Utilities.

Reflecting on this project, Charlie Cassidy, operations general manager for Springs Utilities, emphasized the importance of merging the past and present while fostering positive collaboration. He stated, “The key to this project was not only the ingenuity of people to merge the past and the present but the commitment to positive collaboration. As a community-owned utility, we want to always support the wishes of the residents. We’re thankful to have heard from the neighbors. Their involvement gave us the chance to open dialogue, learn from each other and meet our shared goals of supporting public safety and responsibly using utility services.”

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