The push to simplify technology and increase both efficiency and practical application has led to a number of fantastic innovations in home lighting. Last year we saw LED bulbs controlled via Wi-Fi and smartphones apps, giving home owners instant access to their home lights wherever they had an internet connection. This year it’s been taken to a whole new level.

More and more LED bulbs are being combined with all sorts of innovative add-ons making future applications even more versatile. Gone are the days of clunky speaker systems and tons of wires. Now consumers can purchase LED bulbs combined with Bluetooth speakers so that their tunes can be broadcast from any electronic device that has Bluetooth equipped. Up to six of these bulbs can be equipped to connect to the same device giving your living room or outdoor entertaining space incredible surround sound for a fraction of the cost of most home speaker systems.

Internet dragging in your home office? Now LED bulbs have been combined with Wi-Fi enhancers to give your home’s wireless internet a bit of a boost. Some new bulbs have even been equipped with microphones and cameras capable of performing voice and facial recognition to enhance and simplify home security systems.

Plus all of these add-ons are easily controlled via an app on your smartphones. That means no more overabundance of remote controls, wires or equipment cluttering up your living space. It will be amazing to see how creative minds will continue to experiment and develop new innovative uses for LED bulbs.

Now more than ever LEDs and specialized LED Bulbs will be under even more heavy duty testing and scrutiny to ensure that the lighting quality is not sacrificed with new additions of hardware and software. Konica Minolta Sensing has a number of LED testing systems capable of maintaining LED quality and ensuring consistency throughout every stage of the production process.

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