Have you noticed streetlights looking a little blue in Olathe recently?

You might have thought it was because of the winter season or the holidays, but the city said it’s not on purpose.

A manufacturing defect is causing a bluish/purplish light to come from streetlights throughout Olathe, and even other cities in Kansas.

Earlier this summer, Evergy identified thousands of these blue streetlights in cities like Topeka, Wichita and more.

The defect becomes noticeable after years of usage, Olathe said in a Facebook post. That means more Olathe streetlights could change colors in the coming months, too.

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The city said hundreds of streetlights have already been replaced at no cost.

Now, city officials are on the lookout for more streetlights to fix. If you notice a blue- or purple-tinted streetlight in your neighborhood, you can report it on the OlatheConnect app or on the city’s website.

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