Silver Spring Networks has chosen Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) to deploy its IPv6 IoT platform and Streetlight Vision control software to connect and manage up to 250,000 LED street lights within its Oklahoma service territory.

OG&E expects the intelligent lighting system to significantly enhance the quality of service and reliability for customers, improve the speed of street light restoration response in the event of outages, and help drive increased system efficiencies and lower energy consumption.

“Silver Spring’s connected street lights platform will help OG&E improve service, lower costs, and enhance public safety,” said Ken Grant, VP of Sales and Marketing, OG&E.

“Connecting the street lights across our service territory is another example of our focus on innovative solutions and a natural extension of our ambitious smart grid program. OG&E is committed to delivering efficient, reliable lighting and electricity service to the citizens of Oklahoma.”

According to smart infrastructure market intelligence firm, Northeast Group, LLC, Silver Spring Networks is currently the market leader in North America for intelligent street light control.

In addition to OG&E, Silver Spring has announced smart street light projects with leading utilities including Baltimore Gas & Electric, ComEd, Pepco Holdings Inc., and partnered with Florida Power & Light on what is believed to be the largest connected street lighting project in the world, totaling nearly 500,000 networked street lights across Miami and South Florida.

Silver Spring also connects critical infrastructure devices in global cities such as Copenhagen, Denver, Glasgow, London, Melbourne, Mexico City, Paris, Providence, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Washington D.C., amongst others.

Silver Spring’s IPv6 platform and solutions help utilities and cities deploy intelligent lighting systems that dramatically improve system reliability, increase energy efficiency, lower operational costs, extend equipment lifespans, and enhance citizen safety and quality of life.

The open, standards-based solution also enables utilities and cities to establish a platform for future applications and services such as traffic management, environmental sensors, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, electricity and natural gas metering, water conservation, and many others.

OG&E has received regulatory approval for a new LED lighting tariff from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which will enable the transformation of OG&E’s lighting infrastructure from incandescent to smart LED technology through an attrition strategy.

Pre-deployment planning and design are underway. Three current LED lighting pilot projects with the cities of Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma are demonstrating the benefits and functionality of this new technology to city officials and the public.

“OG&E has consistently demonstrated its industry leadership with its advanced smart grid initiatives. We’re honored to take the next step with them as we extend our critical infrastructure networking platform to include street lights across Oklahoma,” said Brandon Davito, Vice President of Smart Cities and Lighting, Silver Spring Networks.

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