Signs be gone

It seems that the first campaign signs to be removed immediately following the city’s elections on Tuesday, Nov. 2, were those of City Councilor Joseph Bevilacqua. He said he had four teams of workers removing his more than 200 signs from the city’s landscape just hours after the polls closed. The next day, the Lamplighter noticed a single Bevilacqua sign in front of the South Main Street office of retired dentist Dr. Theodore Soliotis.

You’re not seeing things

A duplex on South Main Street in Bradford is up for sale. One side is being marketed by one realtor while the other side is being marketed by another realtor.

New building planned?

Rumor has it the old Nate tool building in Ward Hill is going to be demolished. Sounds like Joseph’s Trattoria is surviving — but could there be a new building going up?

Don’t ignore me

Retired prison guards who are going back to work to replace those who are not vaccinated reportedly are not being received well by the remaining guards.

Last skate with the Carbone family

Among the hundreds of roller skaters who took part in the last skate at Skateland were seven members of the Carbone family, whose relatives built the building in 1950 and opened it in 1951. Louis Carbone built it and Attilio Carbone managed the business until 1965. Carbone family members included children and spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Skateland closed Oct. 10 and the property is expected to become part of a large housing development.

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