LampLight Industries : Lighting the Way  to Historic Landmark Restoration

As reported by KOAA News 5 in their article “Historic Neighborhood in Colorado Springs Sees the Preservation of Beloved Landmarks,” the restoration project in the Old North End Neighborhood (ONEN) of Colorado Springs has been a significant achievement. Celebrated at the intersection of Wood Avenue and Columbia, the project...

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LampLight Industries: Bringing California Heights Lampposts Back to Life

As highlighted in the article “California Heights Lamppost Restoration Project” on, the restoration of vintage lampposts in California Heights has played a pivotal role in preserving the neighborhood’s historic charm. The lampposts, originally installed in the late 1920s to early 1930s, are significant symbols of the area. The...

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LampLight Industries: Pioneering New Heritage Lighting Preserving History in Galt

In an effort to replace Galt’s iconic globe lights with a more sustainable upgrade, revitalizing heritage lighting on Salisbury Avenue, marking the first stage of this ambitious project. The city’s heritage committee cautiously approved a trial run with new globe-style heritage lighting on a section of Salisbury Avenue, signaling...

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LampLight Industries: Illuminating the Past the Lamppost Revival

In an article titled “Bringing Lamppost History Back,” the significance of ornamental street lighting, particularly lampposts, in enhancing public safety and beautifying communities is highlighted. Dating back to a 1925 print advertisement advocating for ornamental street lighting as a means to safeguard pedestrians and motorists, the movement around lampposts...

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LampLight Industries: Restoring Heritage – York Minster’s Historic Lamppost Rises Anew

In the heartening account “Pictures: It’s back! Historic lamppost near York Minster rises again” from York Mix, the resilience of a historic lamppost near York Minster shines through as it rises once more after being knocked flat. Following a costly repair job amounting to £33,000, the historic lamppost stands...

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LampLight Industries: Illuminating San Diego’s Historic Streetlights and Preservation Efforts

In the poignant narrative “San Diego’s Historic Streetlights” by the OB Rag, the enduring charm of San Diego’s historic streetlights, spanning over a century, faces an unwarranted threat of destruction. Despite their structural integrity and potential for longevity with minor repairs, these iconic fixtures are slated for replacement by...

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LampLight Industries: Lighting the Path of History in Doylestown

As chronicled by the Bucks County Herald in their piece “HISTORY LIVES: Electric lights come to Doylestown,” the transition from gas to electric lighting in Doylestown dates back to the late 19th century. In 1886, Mr. Sherwood of the Excelsior Light Co. showcased electric lights in the town, illuminating...

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LampLight Industries: Boston’s Historic Charm with LED Street Lamps

As reported by The Scope Boston in their article “Boston to switch its 2,800 gas lamps to LEDs,” Boston’s historic gas street lights in neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and Bay Village are undergoing a transformation. The City of Boston is set to replace these traditional gas lamps...

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Lamplight Decorative Lighting: Exploring LA’s Light Legacy the Museum of Street Lighting

As highlighted in the Daily News article “Museum of Street Lighting offers an illuminating look at LA history,” the Museum of Street Lighting in Los Angeles has reopened, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the city’s rich history through its oldest, quirkiest, and most ornate lights, lanterns, lamps,...

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Lamplight Decorative Lighting: Preserving Westminster’s Gas Lamp History

As reported by BNN Breaking in their article “Westminster’s Gas Lamps: A Battle for Preservation Amidst Modernisation,” the Gasketeers, led by residents Tim Bryars and Luke Honey, have secured the future of 174 out of 302 gas lamps under the council’s jurisdiction in Westminster. These efforts include safeguarding 138...

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