LampLight Industries: Pioneering New Heritage Lighting Preserving History in Galt

In an effort to replace Galt’s iconic globe lights with a more sustainable upgrade, revitalizing heritage lighting on Salisbury Avenue, marking the first stage of this ambitious project. The city’s heritage committee cautiously approved a trial run with new globe-style heritage lighting on a section of Salisbury Avenue, signaling...

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LampLight Industries: Illuminating the Past the Lamppost Revival

In an article titled “Bringing Lamppost History Back,” the significance of ornamental street lighting, particularly lampposts, in enhancing public safety and beautifying communities is highlighted. Dating back to a 1925 print advertisement advocating for ornamental street lighting as a means to safeguard pedestrians and motorists, the movement around lampposts...

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LampLight Industries: Lighting the Path of History in Doylestown

As chronicled by the Bucks County Herald in their piece “HISTORY LIVES: Electric lights come to Doylestown,” the transition from gas to electric lighting in Doylestown dates back to the late 19th century. In 1886, Mr. Sherwood of the Excelsior Light Co. showcased electric lights in the town, illuminating...

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LampLight Industries: Illuminating the Tale of the 126-Year-Old Elysian Park Lamppost

Intrigue and curiosity surround the 126-year-old Elysian Park lamppost at the eastern entrance, capturing the imagination of readers like Heather Sabin, who wondered, ‘What the heck is that thing?’ This tall, weathered stone pillar, crowned by an intricate framework, has sparked numerous questions about its origin and purpose. The...

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LampLight Industries Lighting Up History: the York Minster Lamppost Rebirth

As reported in the article “It’s back! Historic lamppost near York Minster rises again” on YorkMix, a piece of history has been resurrected near York Minster. Following an unfortunate incident where the lamppost was knocked flat by a wagon in March, it has undergone a meticulous and costly repair...

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Modernizing History: Converting a Historic Icon in Downtown Seattle

There are few constants in Seattle’s history. Perhaps the only real constant is how Seattle changes and progresses. It’s a city that, in its nascent development, literally moved mountains with its multiple regrade projects to create a new downtown landscape. When the city burned nearly to the ground in...

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Building a sustainable and resilient future: a tech-driven plan

At the recent UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (Cop26) in Glasgow, the renewed global commitment to tackle climate change was accompanied by a palpable sense of fresh urgency. How do we turn these pledges into real change with impact that starts today? Owning a vision and a...

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The lamppost that takes your body temperature and sends you home if it has to

Somewhere along the way, perhaps two decades or more ago, the old “humble lamppost” lost a little humility. It started to get digitally smart. In the early 2000s, for instance, Wi-Fi gear began to pop up on it. Over the years, it has become a host for all sorts...

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