History Abounds in Coronado, Beginning with a Quest on the 9th & Alameda Street Lamps

If you slow down and wander the streets of Coronado, you will find many historic characteristics that enhance the quaint village ambiance. Some date back to the beginning, in the late 1800s, from its origin when Coronado quickly developed, as illustrated by the fact that it took Elisha Babcock,...

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These antique NJ street lamps might still be up in your town

Not too many people notice streetlamps. We usually take them for granted. Most of New Jersey’s streetlights come on when it gets dark and go off when the sun comes up. That was not always the case. Up until about a decade ago, one of our utilities in our...

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Clever? Smart Street Lamps Light Up Only When Needed

For weary air travelers, the beauty of arriving in the late evening is getting to catch a glimpse of city lights as the aircraft descends quietly into the lively hub of illumination below. But for Chintan Shah, this unceasing glow, a hallmark of modern-day human settlements, registers much more...

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