Lamplight Decorative Lighting: Exploring LA’s Light Legacy the Museum of Street Lighting

As highlighted in the Daily News article “Museum of Street Lighting offers an illuminating look at LA history,” the Museum of Street Lighting in Los Angeles has reopened, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the city’s rich history through its oldest, quirkiest, and most ornate lights, lanterns, lamps,...

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LampLight Industries: Illuminating the Past in the Evolution of Street Lighting

As explored by Architectural Review in the article “From pillar to lamp post: lighting city streets,” the history of street lighting is a fascinating journey intertwined with political turbulence and the rise of capitalism. Street lighting, dating back to the Romans and Islamic cities, has played a crucial role...

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LampLight Industries: Washington, D.C.’s Illuminated Path – A Journey

The illuminating history of street lighting in Washington, D.C. is a fascinating tale of governance, design, and urban development. As detailed in the article “Street lighting in Washington, D.C.,” Washington, D.C.’s street lighting falls under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia Department of Transportation, encompassing all city streets...

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LampLight Decorative Lighting: Illuminating the History of Street Lighting: Shedding Light on Urban Illumination

According to Wikipedia’s article titled “Street Light,” a street light, also known as a light pole, lamp post, or street lamp, serves as a raised source of light along roads and pathways. These lights have become commonplace in urban areas and are often found on railway platforms as well....

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LampLight Decorative Lighting: History of Street Lighting: Shedding Light on the Evolution of Urban Illumination

According to History of Lighting’s article titled “History of Street Lighting,” the challenge of insufficient natural light during nighttime in urban settings has persisted since the early days of human cohabitation. The history of street lights stretches back further than we may imagine, as it has always been a...

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History of street lighting in the United States

The history of street lighting in the United States is closely linked to the urbanization of America. Artificial illumination has stimulated commercial activity at night, and has been tied to the country’s economic development, including major innovations in transportation, particularly the growth in automobile use. In the two and...

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The Power of Smart Street Lighting in Smart Cities

Smart streetlights are one of the core elements of smart city deployments. For cities looking to tap into the Internet of Things, smart streetlight upgrades can give them a strong foundation. Cities can refurbish old streetlights with more energy-efficient LED bulbs, as well as wireless connectivity, motion sensors that...

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7 Innovative Street Lighting Designs of the Future

Over 140 years ago, Thomas Edison produced the world’s first commercially viable electric light bulb. Since then, they have been making life and work easier and keeping us all safer on the streets. Here we explore seven interesting concepts that might be the next step in the evolution of...

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Jeffersonville to add street lighting to Chestnut

JEFFERSONVILLE — The Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission recently approved a project that will add street lights along Chestnut Street in downtown Jeffersonville. The city plans to install 53 ornamental street lights along Chestnut Street from Spring Street to Graham Street, prior to the final completion of the Jeff Digs project....

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