LampLight Industries: Illuminating the Journey of Streetlights

In the enchanting world of streetlights, there’s a story that unfolds as vivid as the light they cast. This narrative comes to life in the article “Chasing streetlights” on Curbed LA. It’s a tale of a young boy named Glen Norman, who, in the glow of a streetlight, discovered...

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These shapeshifting streetlights are slow tech at its finest

There’s a scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice walks into a garden and hears a voice. She turns and sees a rose that has come to life, its red petals expressively leaning toward her. Soon, all the flowers in the garden have animated, turning to face her and...

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A quarter of streetlights could be smart by 2030

Global investment in LED and smart streetlighting, as well as additional sensors attached to streetlight infrastructure, is forecast to reach a total of US$28.1 billion over the next decade, according to Northeast Group’s latest market forecast. The smart infrastructure market intelligence firm expects coronavirus to cause only “limited disruption”...

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Streetlights in Memphis to get LED upgrade

The Memphis City Council discussed Tuesday an upcoming upgrade for over 77,000 streetlights across the city to LED. The improved light fixtures will not only provide improved illumination along streets and sidewalks but also enhance safety and reduce maintenance needs. “Our experience leading complex streetlighting modernization projects with some...

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Work would begin in May 2022 to convert 84,000 streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs

The City Council is set to vote on a LED Streetlights contract that will begin a citywide conversion of all streetlights to energy-efficient LED bulbs and fixtures. This means Kansas City, Missouri, residents will soon have higher quality street lighting at a lower cost. This innovative, cost-saving and energy-efficient...

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Some Olathe streetlights turning blue: Here’s how you can get yours fixed

Have you noticed streetlights looking a little blue in Olathe recently? You might have thought it was because of the winter season or the holidays, but the city said it’s not on purpose. A manufacturing defect is causing a bluish/purplish light to come from streetlights throughout Olathe, and even...

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City to remove all historic streetlights from Glendale-Hyperion bridge after 22 are stolen

For nearly a century, dozens of silent sentinels have stood guard along the road between Atwater Village and Silver Lake. Clad in the green patina of weathered bronze, the lampposts lining the historic Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct warded off the darkness that would otherwise engulf the spans. But in recent months,...

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